Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Church urges us to blog

This article was emphasized at our stake conference last week. It's interesting for one of the Apostles to encourage the use of a blog. I don't mind so much posting on this one because I keep it anonymous and don't add much in the way of personal details. I am concerned about cyber-predators and have not yet reached a level of comfort of sharing a lot of personal details to anyone with computer access. Of course, blogs can be created with limited access too.

LDS Newsroom

Another policy of the Church's that I find curious is the push to house all the missionaries in members' homes. Maybe it's just that my experience with living with members on my mission was a bit awkward, but I think having the missionaries in their own place is productive and allows them to unwind a bit and be themselves for a couple of hours each day. I understand, though, that the Church is concerned with the rising cost of housing in this country. However, I'm fine with raising the monthly cost of the mission. I say that without having kids old enough to serve yet!

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Beck said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I appreciate your voice and encourage you to find it loud in clear in this community of friends.

I have been blogging nearly two years now. I've said things to strangers about my inner thoughts that I would never have shared with others in the flesh. Blogging is a strange medium. Yet, it has given me a voice and I've found comfort and peace along my journey of self-discovery as a gay but active Mormon man, faithfully married to my wife.

You're not alone and I encourage you to open up and not be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings. And if I can help along the way, I'd be thrilled.