Tuesday, February 5, 2008


My path is unclear. The steps I should take to better my life are unclear.

I recall from a young age being encouraged to think independently and to try to solve the problems in society instead of letting someone else solve them for me. I haven't been doing much of that.

Life is strange and demanding. I find myself grateful to just get through work, help around the house, and enjoy an hour or two of TV or reading before going to bed. My life is pretty simple. Yet, I wonder if there should be something more?

I've had these thoughts for awhile, but they have increased wiht the death of the prophet, my being told it's time to find other employment, and the general financial stress of raising a family in Southern California where the price of anything is more expensive.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for me emotionally. I wish I had greater self-control. I wish I could provide a little more wiggle room for our finances. I wish I had the drive to achieve not just good things, but great things.

A few men and women are competing for the greatness that this country's highest elected office provides. A more important form of greatness is that which Jesus taught. He taught sacrifice, selflessness, and service. Those are qualities and actions that I do not have in an abundance. I think I would find greater happiness by thinking less of my problems and offering my services to those in need.

Where to serve? Church is good, but the focus there is mostly on home teaching and meetings. So much can be done outside of that framework that no one needs to know about--tutoring, trail work, volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter, counsel teens in trouble, teach the illiterate how to read, work on a political committee, volunteer at city or county services, etc. So much can be done and those things aren't even on my radar. Where is my love to serve and accomplish the greater good? I don't know, but I think when I find it, my focus on my own problems, including SSA, will seem much less significant.

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