Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not much to report but here's some random thoughts

Recent events:

· I taught a lesson on having a broken heart and a contrite spirit to the priests on Sunday. Basically, the lesson is to remind ourselves to be open to God and his instructions. I wonder if I have such an attitude. I don’t trust my leaders to share with them my attractions. So where do I get my instructions if not from church or do I have hard heart?

· After church, while taking the sacrament with the priests to a couple in the hospital, the husband just randomly asks if there have been any political statements at church. Oh no, I thought to myself. Quickly, the conversation turned into an Obama and gay bashing, including a crude hand gesture to prove homosexual acts don’t work. I tried to extricate us quickly. I didn’t get heated, but I could tell the guy wouldn’t listen to any contrary point of view. He made me laugh when he said Fox News is the only station that provides balanced news.

· On Monday, I discovered a few morsels of eye candy at Disneyland. I couldn’t help but enjoy the young, buff guy who decided to take off his shirt while waiting in line at the Matterhorn. I enjoyed the sites of a few guys in tanks too.

· Today, as I left the gym locker room, I couldn’t help but scratch my head at the guy who had painted his toenails black.

· I have one particular homoerotic fantasy that I can’t get out of my head this week. Go away, I say. It isn’t helping!