Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still pondering

I have been very silent as of late for those few of you who are pay attention to this blog. I can't say why exactly. In part it's because I'm just trying to live my life and appreciate what I have. In part it's also because life has been stressful. Part of that stress is now gone. My wife and I can now move on past that particular problem.
Now my particular dilemma is coming to the forefront. Now that this particular stress is gone, I'm about ready to share with my wife this other part of my life with her. It scares me to death like very little else that I've dreaded before. It's not that I think my wife is going to hate me or anything like that. I'm sure that the first few days will be rough. It's that I will be throwing this completely awkward element into our marriage. I also worry about where this will take our marriage. Scott and Sarah's recent decision to divorce is not very inspiring right now. (Dichotomy's blog). So any advice on how to broach the subject? I keep thinking delicacy is in order.