Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marie Osmond's son

I passed the tabloids at the grocery store yesterday and noticed one said Marie Osmond's son committed suicidie because he was gay. I googled it and could not find any credible news source that picked up on that. However, I did find an article that Roseanne Barr criticized the Osmonds and the Church for being anti-gay, which caused Marie's son's suicide. Anyone heard whether he really was gay? I guess to an extent it doesn't matter because no matter the cause, suicide is so sad.


El Genio said...

He was attending FIDM, and the Enquirer quotes a "family friend" who says that he was gay.

Personally, I'm not convinced one way or the other, especially since I would have expected some mention of it in the suicide note.

That said, I do appreciate the sentiment behind what Roseanne is saying. There have been countless times when I wished someone in my life would stand up and say enough is enough, you are worth more than this.

Scott said...

I'm inclined not to believe it, since Marie has spoken in support of her lesbian daughter (and so I would think that a gay son would know that he had a supportive family structure). (And since the only source I've seen so far is The Enquirer).

It is possible, if he had friends or other family who weren't as supportive. It's not too hard to imagine a young gay Mormon kid being messed up enough to kill himself even with a supportive mom.

But since Marie has struggled with depression (which can run in families) I'm inclined to think that it was simply depression, and that the Enquirer is pulling stuff out of thin air or running stories based on unsubstantiated sources.