Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great Marketing

I stopped by Deseret Book yesterday. There's only one in town, and I rarely am in that part of town. I was looking specifically for something to encourage me to study my scriptures more, but mostly found books that just regurgitate the usual sunday school answers. I'm really interested in the Hugh Nibley books, but they have not been printed in paperback, and are quite expensive. Maybe I'll start buying them slowly.

Anyway, as I was leaving the store, I saw "In Quiet Desperation" in the self-help section. I've known about the book for a few years, but never bothered trying to get a copy. What immediately grabbed my attention is that the young man on the cover is not exactly ugly. That's definitely some good marketing to immediately attract the eye of a gay mormon. It caught mine without me even trying to look for anything. I was literally heading for the door, not really looking at the shelves, but this just jumped out. I didn't end up buying it. I think I'll just order it off Amazon.

Looking at Amazon, there's an older book called, "Peculiar People: Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation," which was published in 1991. The description seems interesting too. Anyone read either of these books? Do you recommend them?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Crisco- I just read your comments to Forester from April- and was so pleased to find another "older" couple fighting the good fight. The MOHO blogosphere seems to be full of young strapping 20- somethings. :) Being the str8 spouse, I was also attracted to the "not exactly ugly" guy on the cover of "in quiet desparation." When we were living in Utah, I loved that some of the grocery stores had a small Deseret Book section, and this book was prominent. I never bought it, because I thought Husband's "SSA" was under control. We're riding a huge wave right now- and I'm finding myself buying all of those gay LDS books I threw away ten years ago. Anyway, happy to find you.