Tuesday, December 14, 2010


WANTED: A New Friend.

  • Male
  • Great smile
  • Spontaneously hugs others
  • Calls just because
  • Drops by to visit just because
  • Notices when your male friends take an extra effort to look good
  • Willing to try something new
  • Not afraid to ask a friend if there's something wrong
  • Willing to put your arm around your friends for more than .3 seconds
  • Listens

I do have good friends, but sometimes I wish my friends had some more of the above qualities.


Neal said...

Amen! I blogged about some of these things in a post called "Out of Touch". We're touch-averse in this country...

recover and thrive said...

aww....great friends will come when you least expect it

Forester said...

I can meet all of these expectations. If only we lived in the same location. Maybe I can do all of these from a distance, except for the hugging.

Beck said...

I love those kinds of friends and am in constant look-out for more that fit those qualities! They are out there, I promise!