Friday, May 21, 2010

Lonely tonight

I don't know why specifically, but I'm just feeling really lonely tonight. My wife is with friends, which is good, but she hasn't done that in awhile. At the last minute, I tried to get a guy friend to come over, but nothing panned out. I really wish had that physical and emotional connection with a guy. Oh well, instead I get to spend more time on the computer.


Good to be Free said...

Know exactly what you mean. Hope you feel better soon.

Bror said...

I know the feeling too. And living in a small town doesn't help out much. But I am being more out going and trying to meet new guys to help curb this loneliness. I have even been inviting my handsome neighbors and friends over once a week for a BBQ with the my family. It's fun and we all enjoy it. If you lived closer I would invite you.

Crisco said...

I went running with a friend the next morning. That helped a lot.
Bror, thanks for the reminder to reach out to others. I haven't invited anyone new over in a long time. I haven't even been that great at hanging out with people I do know!