Friday, January 8, 2010

A random bit of meaningless gay time

In the spirit of trying to be more open and sharing my inner gay thoughts, I'll share what some random, not very important thoughts I had today.

I went to a new store in a mall that attracts many of the well-to-do and fashionable people here in southern California. Oh and even though it's January, the mall was packed. Anyway, as I sat eating lunch before going over the store I wanted to, I sat watching guys. I have to admit that I was trying to figure out which guys with big muscles in tight t-shirts were gay. I was just wondering if I have a functioning "gaydar." In any event, I went to this store that I heard about because I heard it carries clothes for guys with slim physiques, like me. I'm a professional and wear dress shirts a lot. My problem is that to get the right arm length and neck size, I feel like I swim in all the material in chest and body of the shirt. Anyway, I went into this store and found some nice dress shirts that are reasonably priced. I tried one on and wow did it fit nice. There were a lot of fun and fashionable clothes there too. I didn't end up getting anything else. I do have the credit card to pay off from Christmas.

Today's adventure made me realize that I probably am watching for other guys more than I admit to myself, and that I'm more excited about a shirt than most guys probably are!

This was hardly an insightful post, but it was fun to take a break from work today for a long lunch and do something for myself.


Original Mohomie said...

I didn't used to realize how baggy and frumpy my dress shirts looked on my skinny frame. Then I found Express...I hadn't known shirts could fit like that. Now, I have trouble finding button-up shirts that fit right. I have to buy "Slim fit" at any store, and even then it's still sometimes a bit baggy through the midsection. Sad story. America is not skinny.

I guess I'm just saying: no harm in finding clothes that fit and appreciating that fact. :-)

Bravone said...


Crisco said...

I wore the shirt the first time to work this week...and no compliments. Oh well. My wife likes me in the tighter fitting shirts. :)