Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is Mormon theology diverging into new directions?

Is Mormon theology diverging into new directions?

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Abelard Enigma said...

An interesting article. Although, I would suggest that "chapel mormon's" and "internet mormon's" are often the same people expressing differing views depending upon their surroundings. When we're at church, we tend to say things that we think other people want to hear. But, with the relative anonymity of the internet, it's easier to say what we really think.

Crisco said...

We definitely give the "primary" answers at church. I wish there was a class or forum at church where we could discuss more openly the nuances and different views of particular doctrines and practices without fear reprisal for alleged loss of testimony or being a heretic. I miss Institute. I think that program allows for more intellectual and detailed study of the doctrines.

Anonymous said...

i think in some wards that discussion can happen, but usually in PH or RS meetings; it's easier to express forbidden thoughts in the company of one's own gender. society is increasing open and transparent. the church is about 20 yrs behind these cultural trends but it will catch up... eventually